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We re-kindle the dormant sparks of normal development.

Years ago we had an idea that developmental problems could be solved. We were told that it was impossible, but we continued our work. We believed that children with these problems could catch up with their peers. Little by little we discovered what sparks developmental processes.

Now, after working with hundreds of children, we have a system which reliably, predictably, and consistently solves developmental problems.

Is it really possible to resolve any of these?

Read about our work and how parents react to it.

Problem areas:

Example cases:

Language skills case1 case3 case4 case5 case6 case7
Hyperactivity case2 case3 case7
Coordination case3 case4 case5 case6
Focus, concentration, attention case2 case3 case5 case6
Self-control case2
Self-confidence case2 case5 case6
Expressing emotions appropriately case1 case2 case5
Sensitivity to touch case7
Sensitivity to sound case1 case3 case5
Poor hand-writing case3 case4 case5 case6
Maintaining eye-contact case1 case5 case6
Social interactions case1 case2 case3 case4 case5 case6 case7
Growing up case3 case4 case5 case6 case7

Do you want to have a story like these?

How can our
Developmental Discovery System

reliably, predictably, and consistently

solve developmental problems
with your child, in your home?

For any of these diagnoses:

  • Developmental Disability
  • Autism (HFA & LFA)
  • Asperger's
  • APD (Auditory Processing Disorder)
  • GDD (Global Developmental Disability)
  • Developmental Delay
  • ADHD (Hyperactive, Impulsive, Inattentive)
  • Learning Disability
  • Dyslexia
  • Apraxia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysgraphia

Our approach unlocks the child's
concealed, natural knack
for achieving maturity.

With our system
your children fill-in the gaps
they had in their movement through
the developmental stages.

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Do you want to find a solution for your child?

For years, we have been working with children with these kinds of developmental problems. We have discovered how to resolve developmental difficulties. We have tested and refined our protocols in our work with hundreds of children. Our clients reliably, predictably, and consistently become age-appropriate and lose their symptoms.

Our system re-engages
the natural potential
for maturity in children
with developmental problems.

Our system

Our Developmental Discovery System is the result of decades of clinical interventions and observations. We understand the underlying issues and we have developed protocols for addressing them.

Who we are

We are an international consulting organization offering the Developmental Discovery System™ and specializing in the developmental process. We work in English and Spanish, providing testing, training, and coaching for a few clients. We each have over 30 years experience as teachers, therapists, and consultants in brain function and behavior, health and wellness, and the developmental process. For the past 15 years, we have worked together and refined our program (Developmental Discovery System). Our program awakens your child’s intrinsic capability for achieving maturity.

Do you want to explore your child's situation with us?

How we work

Our consulting is by phone or VOIP. In our first sessions we establish the current developmental baseline. Then with our techniques, your children plug the gaps in their developmental progress.

We have regularly scheduled sessions in which we personally work with your child and you. In these sessions, we test and measure to make sure the developmental process continues functioning. Based on the developmental progress we adjust your child's program to maximize advancement in the movement through the normal developmental milestones.

What we measure

We regularly measure the state of the movement through the developmental stages. Our Developmental Checklist is specifically designed to give precise and easy-to-understand information about the state of the developmental process. The Visual Overview from the report helps parents and other service providers quickly understand where a child is in the movement through the developmental tasks.

What is our program?

The Developmental Discovery System™ is proprietary. Our specific protocols are natural and non-invasive. We are the only ones doing what we do. We are not like any other program you have ever read about, been in , or heard about. We are the only ones who awaken your child's natural potential for maturing. Read our Program Overview. No one else knows that any of these protocols develop the child's unrealized knack for growing up. (and no one thinks it is possible).

Do you want to talk with us about your situation?

Never heard of us?

That is not surprising. We have been doing this for some years, but we have not completed and published research about our protocols. We have hundreds of cases of children with developmental problems becoming age-appropriate. But, without published research, no one would know about us except by word-of-mouth.

For years, our new clients have only come from that word-of-mouth 'advertising.' If you read this, and chose to work with us, you will probably be the first in your neighborhood who will experience your child cultivating his/her dormant capability for maturity.

Our clients' experience

Our clients fill-in the holes in their developmental process. Our clients become age-appropriate. If you want this for your child, complete our Information Form and we will talk with you about our program for your child with Developmental Disability, Developmental Delay, and other developmental problems. Cases?

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