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Working with us, low functioning children are able to develop abilities  in maintaining eye-contact and connecting to others, expressing emotions appropriately, and learning how to speak.


Case1: Low Functioning Autistic, 8 y/o boy:

His mother writes: "I didn't think it was possible to get my child to talk. Six years ago, I had been told to get all the improvements I could, ASAP. For years we have been in every possible program, but in all those years he didn't change much. In six months with you, he has grown more than the six years before. I wanted him to talk and now he is talking to me in three-word sentences. Your program really works and we are excited about what his next steps will be."

After 6 months in our program he has re-visited (and passed through appropriately) most developmental tasks for a one year old child. He is now able to say three-word sentences and get all of the syllables correct in all the words. He is now performing sequences of 3 tasks without being pushed or reminded; he even initiates appropriate sequences on his own. He is connecting with family members (going to them, sitting next to them, resting his hands on them, looking at them, hugging them, etc.). He is initiating and maintaining eye-contact and expressing emotions with body-language and facial expressions. He has stopped covering his ears in loud public places. He has just started combining intention, verbal phrases, and actions (saying "Gimme that," and reaching for a toy that is outside his reach). He is maturing and he continues in the Developmental Discovery System
on his way to being age-appropriate.

Using our system children stop hyperactivity, improve social interactions, and gain self-control.


Case2: ADHD - Hyperactive and Impulsive, 13 y/o boy:

Testimonial from his mom: "He was getting into trouble at school every day. We had to change his school from last year, and now I was told he would not be permitted to return here, next year. I was desperate and the school psychologist sent us to you. In less than 2 months, the problems at school had stopped. I was so relieved. Thanks for getting him on track."

After 2 months in the Developmental Discovery System
he has stopped the hyperactivity and the impulsivity (which was bordering on aggressivity). He has dramatically reduced his angry outbursts. He is now able to focus, attend, and concentrate. His hand-writing improved. He is able to study alone and his grades have improved. His social interactions have improved. He enjoys his newly found self-control and his self-confidence has dramatically improved.  He continues in our program as he catches-up with his peers.

In our program children develop language capability and can learn to read.


Case3: Auditory Processing Disorder, 7 y/o boy:

His teacher told us: "I don't know why he was promoted to the 2nd grade. Half the time, he didn't understand what I said to him. So, he usually didn't follow directions. Loud noises sent him into up the walls. He couldn't focus, read, or write, although he really tried. He is a sweet boy and I really wanted to help him. After he started with your program it only took about 6 or 7 weeks for him to really blossom. He started understanding me and his attention improved. It really didn't take long for him to catch up with the others. I'm so thankful you did this for him"

After 2 months in the Developmental Discovery System™ he can speak in full, flowing sentences. He started reading and writing. He has developed good coordination and is enjoying outdoor games with his classmates. He focuses, concentrates, and attends. He has stopped his hyperactivity and his reactions to unexpected sounds. After 5 months his teacher told us he is age-appropriate socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and academically.

With us, she learned how to read and developed social skills in the first three months.


Case4: APD & ADHD - Inattentive, 9 y/o girl:

Her mother sent us this: "You had worked with us for many minor problems over the years, so when I was told about her problems in reading and focus, you were the first person I thought of to ask for help. You assured me that your program would help, so we started immediately. It did not take very long for her to start reading. He coordination improved and she really became graceful. You were exactly what she needed."

After 3 months in the Developmental Discovery System she is able to read to herself and out loud (and understand and remember what she read). Her hand-writing has improved to the point where her teacher describes it as the most beautiful in the class. She is no longer distracted by loud noises. She is able to study alone and her grades have improved. She is coordinated and enjoys golf and running. Her social skills have improved and she plays well with others. The symptoms of her Auditory Processing Disorder are gone and she has caught-up with her peers.

With the Developmental Discovery System™ children mature and grow up naturally.


Case5: PDD-NOS, 10 y/o boy:

The mother told us: "He is adopted. We knew that many children up for adoption have developmental problems, but we decided we wanted him anyway. He was low functioning and the doctors told us he could be trained, but he would never recover.  When I brought him to you, you gave me hope, because you were so confident that you could help him. It took several months for him to become coordinated and to relax his hands. And, it took several more months after his training finished for him to mature. Now, he is in high school. He hangs out with the other teenagers and participates in his classes. I'm glad I didn't accept what the doctors told us about him and I brought him to you. We are so happy that you helped us grow as a family."  

After 4 months in the Developmental Discovery System he was able to focus, concentrate, and attend. He started learning how to read and to write. He began to establish and maintain eye-contact. He relaxed his clinched fists. He became coordinated. He began to express himself, emotionally.
Years after our program, he is now in high school. He continues his ability to focus, concentrate, and attend. He studies on his own and his grades are good. He makes and maintains friendships easily. He is relaxed and has firm self-confidence. He plays soccer and participates well with his team-mates. He does not display any of his old PDD-NOS symptoms, and he is age-appropriate.

Following the Developmental Discovery System™ children can recover their natural process where reading, studying, and social skills are developed normally.


Case6: Asperger's, 13 y/o boy:

His father writes: "After many years of therapy/training every day, he had never improved. We were told that this was normal for children like him. You told us different, so we signed-up for your program. One of his problems was that he would only talk in one-word sentences ('yes' and 'no'). We finally understood the true nature of his changes when we flew to Europe (12 hours) and he talked the whole time in the airplane. He was excited. He talked about everything and everyone on the plane. He talked to the flight attendants and the people in the other seats. He would not shut up. We started to get annoyed with him until we remembered that he was demonstrating profound change. Of course, everything else changed too. He doesn't have any of his symptoms from before. All of his changes would not be possible without you. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts." 

After 6 months in the Developmental Discovery System he graduated. Now, he can focus, concentrate and attend. He listens to others and talks with them using full sentences. He now reads and writes appropriately for his grade level. He is coordinated. He establishes and maintains eye-contact and rapport with others. He no longer needs an assistant in school. He no longer needs those weekly visits to psychologists, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists. His self-confidence is very high.  He continues developing study habits and his grades are fantastic. He continues developing and improving social skills as he grows-up naturally and normally.

Working with our protocols, children can lose their sensitivity to touch and lose their hyperactivity.


Case7: Hypersensitivity to touch & hyperactivity, 4 y/o boy:

His mother writes: "He was out of control and I was losing my mind. I had lost all hope until I called you and you were both so helpful. He resisted the program, but you assured me that every minute helped. It took two weeks for him to build up to do the work for 20 minutes straight. After that he started getting better every week. He stopped being loud and hyper. He started wearing clothes and talking clearly. Now he is loving and happy. God bless you for helping us."

After 1 month in our program he was finally able to tolerate wearing clothes some of the time. His hyperactivity was reducing and he would respond when his name was called.
After 2 months with us, he was wearing clothes all day, he was speaking clearly and could be understood by teachers and other adults. His hyperactivity was gone. He began interacting in age-appropriate ways with other children in his kindergarten class.
After 4 months in our system, he was age-appropriate. He had caught-up with his peer group as was on track for continued development.


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