We reliably, predictably, and consistently
encourage the child’s innate
predisposition for growing up.

Using the Developmental Discovery System™, we work with parents like you, who are looking for a way out of developmental difficulties. We work with you and your child to accomplish the missed tasks in their movement through the developmental milestones. The Developmental Discovery System constantly measures and adapts to your child's developmental progress. Our goal is to have your child naturally develop to be age-appropriate.

With our coaching and teaching your children fill-in the missed steps in their developmental process. We observe, test, and guide your progress. We work with you until your children finish filling in the holes in their developmental process.

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Tell us about your child's developmental progress.

A mother's story

"First I want to tell you that I didn't believe it was possible. In some ways, I still don't believe it even though I see my son every day, and I know that he is truly changed.

When I first called you, I was desperate. My son was autistic. I loved him. But, it was starting to be too much. All of the problems with doctors, psychologists, and the school had really started to pile up on me. Nothing seemed to help. I kept looking for something, and I found out about you.

I remember that I talked with you two, and even though I didn't believe that a lot of change was possible, I decided to take a chance on working with you. I remember that you said your program was month to month, and I realized that I had spent ten times what you charge on programs that did nothing for him. But the deciding factor for me was you said he would make changes in the first month.

Wow, you were right on that one. Within two weeks he started with some little changes. He started sleeping the whole night through and his nose stopped running. But, these little changes were enough for me. No other program, in 6 years of various programs, had started making changes in him in a couple of weeks.

Then, at about 6 weeks, I remember his first big change and it was a shocker for me; he looked at me and smiled. I remember I asked for an immediate appointment to tell you all about it. I was so excited because he was connecting, he was making eye contact, and he was showing an emotion. We had worked on those three things for years with many different therapists and trainers and gotten no results. And, you did it in only 6 weeks.

That was when I realized that with your program we might bring him back. That was when I started to have hope for him (and me too). And, you were right about his rate of change. Every month (really, every week) there was more changes. Some months, they were all small changes. And other months he made giant steps forward, like the floodgates opened.

Last month he mainstreamed without an assistant. He is only a half-year off grade level in reading and math and I see he is catching up fast. We just signed him up in a tutoring program and I know he will catch up and pass his classmates this year.

Over the last months, I have completely enjoyed our weekly sessions (visits). You are both personal and warm and caring. You helped me understand what I needed to do each week. You helped me understand my son's behaviors. You taught me everything I needed to do for him to make these changes. And, knowing that you can help me with almost anything that comes up is amazing. There are no words that say what you mean to us.

I hope this note will be helpful for other parents who are thinking about your program. I hope they do like I did and try your program for a month. I remember when I started, I thought, 'What have I got to lose?' Now, I realize that I have gained much more than I every thought possible."

What can you expect from our program?

We commit ourselves to the work with your child and you. We set a regular appointment schedule and in every appointment session, we test your child's condition and progress. We guide you about the next step in your child's program. We adapt the program to your child's progress.

You will spend between 20 and 40 minutes per day with your child, following the Developmental Discovery System. The specific activities and the amount of time spent depends on your child's developmental state and progress. You will see improvements in the overall health of your child, as well as a reduction in the symptoms associated with developmental problems. You will see, and report to us, your child's accomplishment of developmental tasks that had been missed before.

You start to see these improvements in the first month of working with us. You continue to see these things until your child is healthy and age-appropriate.

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